Palacios Public Git Repository

To checkout Palacios execute

  git clone
This will give you the master branch. You probably want the devel branch or one of the release branches. To switch to the devel branch, simply execute
  cd palacios
  git checkout --track -b devel origin/devel
The other branches are similar.

descriptionPublic Palacios Development Repository for the V3VEE Project
last changeWed, 19 May 2010 16:19:03 +0000
2010-05-19 Peter Dinda Merge branch 'Release-1.2' of ssh://palacios@newskysaw... Release-1.2
2010-04-14 Erik van der... add console hook support
2010-04-13 Erik van der... s patch fixes some issues I've had when compiling Palac...
2010-04-13 Erik van der... This patch fixes several issues with the console/cga...
2010-04-13 Erik van der... This patch changes the comment format (// to /* .....
2010-04-09 Jack Lange bug fix for 32 bit ebp cloberring
2010-04-09 Erik van der... bug fix for console scroll signedness issue
2010-03-12 Peter Dinda new copy of manual
2010-02-23 Erik van der... updated comments for compiler compatibility
2010-02-17 Jack Lange ported 32 bit VMX launch code for nested entries
2010-02-15 Lei Xia Clear the profiling code
2010-02-15 Lei Xia Add lock to vmm_queue
2010-02-08 Lei Xia Fix a virtio ring buffer free run index overflow bug
2010-02-03 Jack Lange Fix interrupt injection bug due to caching irq vectors...
2010-01-30 Jack Lange Intel VMX ASM fixes
2010-01-30 Jack Lange KBuild fixes to set defaults for Kitten
12 years ago 1.0 Release candidate with 32/64 bit...
12 years ago vmmhack1-ramdisk-boot-iso-puppy
12 years ago puppy-and-xed
12 years ago boots-puppy-iso-to-command-prompt
12 years ago reaches-user-mode-on-qemu-and-both-amd-boxes-nested-paging-faults
12 years ago boot386puppy-26-to-ide
13 years ago working-cdboot-physical-but-not-qemu
13 years ago working-vmxassist-dinda
13 years ago PDINDA0
4 years ago devel
9 years ago Release-1.3
11 years ago Release-1.2
12 years ago release-1.1
12 years ago release-1.0
12 years ago master