Palacios Public Git Repository

To checkout Palacios execute

  git clone
This will give you the master branch. You probably want the devel branch or one of the release branches. To switch to the devel branch, simply execute
  cd palacios
  git checkout --track -b devel origin/devel
The other branches are similar.

KBuild fixes to set defaults for Kitten
Jack Lange [Sat, 30 Jan 2010 21:18:36 +0000 (15:18 -0600)]

diff --git a/Kconfig b/Kconfig
index 29926b0..3c9ccf7 100644 (file)
--- a/Kconfig
+++ b/Kconfig
@@ -3,6 +3,13 @@ mainmenu "Palacios VMM Configuration"
 menu "Target Configuration"
+config KITTEN
+       bool "Set defaults needed for the Kitten OS"
+       default y
+       help
+         This enables the necesary options to compile Palacios with Kitten
 config CRAY_XT
         bool "Red Storm (Cray XT3/XT4)"
@@ -117,7 +124,7 @@ config DEBUG_VNET
        bool "Enable Built in versions of stdlib functions"
-       default y
+       default y if KITTEN
          Not all host OSes provide link targets for stdlib functions
          Palacios provides internal implementations of these functions, that you can select from this list
@@ -176,7 +183,7 @@ config BUILT_IN_STRCMP
        bool "strcasecmp()"
-       default y
+       default y if KITTEN
        depends on BUILT_IN_STDLIB
          This enables Palacios' internal implementation of strcasecmp
@@ -241,7 +248,7 @@ config BUILT_IN_STRSTR
        bool "atoi()"
-       default y
+       default y if KITTEN
        depends on BUILT_IN_STDLIB
          This enables Palacios' internal implementation of atoi