Palacios Public Git Repository

To checkout Palacios execute

  git clone
This will give you the master branch. You probably want the devel branch or one of the release branches. To switch to the devel branch, simply execute
  cd palacios
  git checkout --track -b devel origin/devel
The other branches are similar.

2009-05-02 Jack Lange fixed default build target release-1.1
2009-05-01 Jack Lange cleaned up Palacios Makefile
2009-05-01 Jack Lange removed old symbol file for NASM
2009-05-01 Jack Lange added readme isntallation file
2009-05-01 Jack Lange removed superfulous build documentation
2009-05-01 Jack Lange removed derogatory comments about Linux
2009-05-01 Jack Lange removed internal/outdated documentation
2009-05-01 Jack Lange fixed GeekOS
2009-04-28 Jack Lange removed misc directory from release
2009-04-28 Jack Lange removed manual from release
2009-04-27 Jack Lange removed ne2k from release
2009-04-27 Jack Lange changed the STAR MSR to be mode independent
2009-04-26 Jack Lange Added compile time dependencies for host MSRs
2009-04-26 Jack Lange removed unused msrs
2009-04-26 Jack Lange moved guest_efer from top level guest_info to the shado...
2009-04-26 Jack Lange added dynamic reassignment of memory regions
2009-04-26 Jack Lange Merge branch 'devel' of ssh://palacios@newskysaw.cs...
2009-04-26 Jack Lange updated IO and MSRs to allow hooking/unhooking dynamic...
2009-04-26 Lei Xia Update NE2000 to receive broadcast packets,
2009-04-24 Jack Lange Ok. One more time. Please, please, please let this...
2009-04-24 Jack Lange I think I might have fixed the SHUTDOWN bug...
2009-04-23 Jack Lange added -fno-stack-protector
2009-04-23 Jack Lange various fixes. Hopefully this fixes the transient shutd...
2009-04-23 Jack Lange fixed exception initialization bug
2009-04-23 Jack Lange added debugging information to help figure out exceptio...
2009-04-23 Jack Lange added host cpu type function
2009-04-23 Jack Lange linker fix
2009-04-23 Jack Lange changed inline functions to static
2009-04-23 Jack Lange renamed guest cpu/mem mode functions
2009-04-23 Jack Lange typedef name changes
2009-04-23 Jack Lange created a test directory to hold test guest OSes
2009-04-23 Jack Lange compilation fix
2009-04-23 Jack Lange added memory unhooking function
2009-04-23 Jack Lange updated the configuration/init process
2009-04-22 Jack Lange added bochs console support
2009-04-22 Jack Lange fixed page table deletion bug
2009-04-20 Jack Lange added support for memory remapping
2009-04-20 Jack Lange Merge branch 'devel' of ssh://palacios@newskysaw.cs...
2009-04-20 Jack Lange cleaned up the memory handing implementation
2009-04-19 Lei Xia Update virtual NE2000
2009-04-17 Jack Lange changed memory map to be layered on top of a single...
2009-04-14 Jack Lange removed floating poing operations from hashtable, load...
2009-04-10 Jack Lange removed old pci implementation
2009-04-10 Jack Lange added DMA write functionality to ide harddisk
2009-04-10 Jack Lange removed debugging output
2009-04-10 Jack Lange cdrom DMA functional
2009-04-09 Jack Lange functional DMA reads for IDE disks
2009-04-08 Jack Lange updates to the PCI configuration for the southbridge...
2009-04-08 Jack Lange updated test vm to current palacios version and fixed...
2009-04-08 Jack Lange added forgotten files...
2009-04-08 Jack Lange updated the pci and IDE configuration.
2009-04-08 Jack Lange added level trigger configuration registers
2009-04-06 Jack Lange getting things working again
2009-04-06 Jack Lange huge update for merge
2009-04-04 Jack Lange IDE hard drive works past grub
2009-04-03 Jack Lange Added intial cut at IDE disk support
2009-04-02 Jack Lange broken DMA that should be working
2009-03-31 Jack Lange added pci bar update handler
2009-03-31 Jack Lange fixed pci index register (its a DWORD index, not a...
2009-03-31 Jack Lange Merge branch 'devel' into ide
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated test_vm
2009-03-31 Jack Lange test_vm makefile fixes
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated shadow paging to handle cache-disabled and...
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated pci
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated PCI
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated shadow paging to handle cache-disabled and...
2009-03-31 Jack Lange made pci default for IDE device
2009-03-31 Jack Lange more updates for DMA
2009-03-31 Jack Lange updated io device hooks for PCI device
2009-03-29 Jack Lange added more ATAPI functions, should now boot Linux
2009-03-28 Jack Lange fixed CLGI window
2009-03-27 Jack Lange really fixed the gpa->hpa error check
2009-03-27 Jack Lange fixed gpa->hpa error checking
2009-03-26 Jack Lange added handlers for extended interrupt vectors
2009-03-25 Jack Lange fixes to the emulator to handle nested paging
2009-03-25 Jack Lange fixed debug flags for direct paging
2009-03-25 Jack Lange Merge branch 'devel' of ssh://palacios@newskysaw.cs...
2009-03-25 Jack Lange fixed bug in detecting guest cpu mode for nested paging
2009-03-25 Peter Dinda Cleaned up debug support for nested paging
2009-03-25 Peter Dinda Merge branch 'devel' of ssh://palacios@newskysaw.cs...
2009-03-25 Peter Dinda Nested paging working to the point where we manage...
2009-03-25 Jack Lange fixed apic seastar ack
2009-03-25 Jack Lange first cut at nested paging
2009-03-25 Jack Lange Revert "breaking shadow paging to handle speculative...
2009-03-25 Peter Dinda Fixed erroneous #if in geekos main.c
2009-03-25 Peter Dinda First attempt at speculative paging around the address...
2009-03-25 Jack Lange breaking shadow paging to handle speculative page mapping
2009-03-25 Jack Lange removed floating point operations from profiler
2009-03-24 Jack Lange updates to ATAPI packet command support
2009-03-21 Jack Lange changed the build environment to not require rebuilding...
2009-03-20 Jack Lange added EXITINTINFO checks before interrupt injection
2009-03-20 Jack Lange moved exception tracking out of the interrupt state...
2009-03-20 Jack Lange fixed printf format bugs
2009-03-20 Jack Lange fixed debug formats
2009-03-19 Jack Lange added atapi handlers
2009-03-18 Jack Lange added atapi identify and command port handler
2009-03-18 Jack Lange added RAM based CD, updates to device registration
2009-03-18 Jack Lange updated ide layer
2009-03-18 Jack Lange added standard port write handler
2009-03-18 Jack Lange initial commit of IDE layer